I have found that I am not much of a craft mom, but I do love gardening or at least attempting to, as best I can. It is a great activity to do by myself for a little peace in my day as well as have fun with the kids on big garden projects. Being out in nature is a huge part of our religion and morals. You should always give back to the earth,  and starting a garden is a great way to give back. Since we started gardening more not only do we have fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers, but we also see worms, bumble bees, butterflies, dragonflies and even more birds. What is good for the environment is good for the soul.

I am a very new beginner gardener. I am learning to try to grow plants in zone 8 which is southern coastal zone. If you have any tips or tricks feel free to email me at

Gardening Project 2015

Gardening Project 2015: Gardening 101

Sponsored: Start Your Organic Garden with Us

Garden Project 2015: Learning to Compost

Garden Project 2015: Flower Fail

Our First Lasagna Garden

Kids & Adults Gardening with Roca Home Tools (video review)

Spring Vegetable Garden 2016

Spring Vegetable Garden Fling

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