Parenting Tips

 These are great reference posts for parents and caregivers. Things you may need to keep handy or alert new moms about the information. I hope you find them as handy in your life as I have in mine.

Parenting Tips, Tricks and Resources

Posts Every Parent Should Read
To TV or Not To TV
Safety Devices
 Poison Control
 Some Good Eats (how to get picky eaters to eat) 
 Teething Troubles
The Positive Touch
Time To Get Up
Sleep Routines
Sun Safety for Moms and Kids
Volunteen Nation (A not for profit website that lets children 7-17 find volunteer opportunities in their local communities or if you are a business looking for volunteers) 
Spoon and Fork Training Tips
10 Ways To Give Back To Your Community
10 Tips To Help Your Child Become A Reader
10 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day 
The 411 On Secondary Drowning
 The Magical Kiss And Blow Method
The Library
10 Healthy Winter Habits For Your Family
Just Say No, To Elf On A Shelf
2014 Holiday Gift Guide
10 Activities for When Mom's Sick
Why We Chose Home School Preschool

Everything You Need and Need to Know about Breastfeeding
Top 5 Most Unnecessary Baby Items
Culprits of Diaper Rash
Debunking Old Wives Tales
Baby Sign Language
Cats and Babies
For New Parents 2014
The 5 Worst Baby/Toddler Items
Baby CPR Step By Step Approach

The Missing Potty Book
 Road Trip With A Toddler
 Wedding With A Toddler (a heartfelt story and funny to do and not to do if your toddler attends a wedding) 
 Toys For Restaurants
The Bewitching Hour (tips for getting through the bewitching hours)
Christmas Decorating With A Toddler
Power Outage With A Toddler
Toddler Chores
Toddler Spanking (A NO!)
A Toddler And A Hose
Toddler Piano Lesson #1
Bye-Bye Pacifier
Potty Training the Next Generation Way
Home School Preschool Curriculum First Year Semester 1

Homemade/Green Living
When Life Gives You Lemons
Cleaning A Non Washable Stuffed Animal 

Office Desk Corner
Recycled Airline Blanket Christmas Stockings
DIY Home Organization

Egg Shapes
All Natural Toddler Cough and Congestion Remedy

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