About This Blog

If you are a newcomer to my blog, WELCOME! I have a blog for the pure joy of it. I love writing and sharing my experiences with others, especially other parents in hopes that I am helping you with advice or tips or just another mom to relate to your parenting experiences.

I hope to have this blog for a long time and grow and expand my audience. I mainly write lifestyle stories, but since I am a stay at home mom you will also find the product reviews, recipes, crafts and other fun things mixed in. We focus mainly on a healthy lifestyle and green living. I have a son and daughter. Our daughter has a rare syndrome called Turner Syndrome and we do a lot to bring awareness to that community.
If you would like to get to know more about me and this blog. Check out this collection of posts about our life in general and look around the other tabs for great recipes, reviews, inspiration and parenting tips!  Feel free to comment and share this with all the new parents in your life.

The Story Of Us

The Definition of a Next Generation Stay At Home Mom

Changes In Our Home

Our Growing Little Family

Imogen's Birth Story 

Against All Odds: An Inspiring Story of Hope

Feel free to check out my husbands website at www.ModernMinistries.org


  1. You guys are an amazing family inside and out! So awesome to meet you today! I will definitely keep up with Imogen and all of her successes through your blog. In my short time reviewing your blog I've learned so much already about myself that I did not know. Keep up the good work and I hope to see you again one day, when I'm not limited by work, lol.

    1. It was a pleasure meeting you. Please feel free to email me and we can hang out again! ReneeArbia@yahoo.com



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