Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Welcome 2017

Welcome 2017
Written by Renee Arbia

Xavier playing Legos with his cousin

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. We had an awesome Yule and Christmas this year. We were excited to celebrate as a new family of four (See Imogen’s Birth Story) after the tumultuous year with Imogen’s pregnancy, and getting used to a newborn in the house. Imogen hit five months right in time for the holiday season. We had a parenting happy sweet spot that was best celebrated during the Christmas holiday. We were lucky to be able to have a lot of family visiting this year to see Imogen and get to know her better.

Xavier and Imogen had fun visiting with their cousins

I have to even admit Christmas is not my favorite holiday and sometimes I find it hard to get in the spirit. However, this year was really easy. Xavier is four now and loves everything to do with the holidays. He thoroughly enjoyed Christmas and showing Imogen everything there is to know about his favorite holiday. 

 We are excited for the New Year. We have a lot of fun changes in store, new things to do and learn about on the horizon. It is amazing to have my daughter finally here after so long. We are having lots of fun celebrating her. I love watching her and Xavier play together. She smiles and lights up whenever he is near. He simply adores her, and cannot stop smiling at her, or playing with her. I catch him making goofy faces at her, and she is laughing all the time. I have a hard time changing her diaper because he plays peek-a-boo behind me. She never naps, because the moment she hears or sees him she is awake and ready to play. It makes my body exhausted but my heart so very full. I have not written much lately because I have been soaking in my life. I love just breathing and watching my family. Since Imogen has been born even more people have reminded me that having two young children at home is a blessing and it is very short lived. I am making sure to soak up all the time I can with them.

I hope you got the New Year off to a good start. We look forward to bringing you more fun, inspiration, recipes, Green Living tips, product reviews, and tricks for your parenting life in the coming year! Follow us on all our social media channels to stay up to date!

Happy New Year!

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